Privacy policy



This privacy policy explains what types of personal data we collect and for what purposes, how we process it and what your rights are in this regard.

Rest assured, we will take the utmost care of your personal data.


1. How are your personal data collected

We collect your personal data when you request information on an advertisement, when you subscribe to an alert by specifying your search criteria and if you subscribe to our newsletter.

2. What do we get back?

We collect the personal information that you have given us voluntarily: your first name, last name, e-mail and telephone number. We record your IP address and, in some cases, geolocation and language as well as your search criteria and the history of viewing our pages.

3. Processing of personal data

We use this data to provide you with services that seem to match your search. We can communicate your details to marketing agencies or Freelancers who are our partners.

4. Deletion of personal data

You can request the deletion of your personal data by contacting us by email at this address:



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